UFO Sightings: 2012 Fleet Video in Jerusalem, Legit This Time? [VIDEOS]

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Not one, not two, but a whole fleet - of UFOs?

A fleet of UFO was reportedly sighted on Friday, October 5th over the Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem.

The same location was purportedly filmed in 2011 over another UFO sighting.

YouTube user thirdphaseofmoon uploaded the clip called "Massive UFO Fleet Sighting Incredible Shocking Footage Over Dome OF Rock Jerusalem Oct 5 2012" on the same day. (You can see the video here or play it below.)

The clip description says:

"Massive UFO Fleet Sighting Incredible Shocking Footage Over Dome Of Rock Jerusalem Oct 5 2012 Video captured by AQ"

There is no available information yet on AQ's identity, so the video should be taken with a grain of salt.

The video, which last for 62 seconds, shows at least three visible moving lights above the Dome of Rock.

Thirdphaseofmoon regularly uploads videos of UFO sightings to YouTube. His videos have been viewed a total of more than 30 million times. He has over 32,000 subscribers.

In January 2011, YouTube user elligael uploaded a purported UFO sighting on the same site. However, it was later described by MUFON to be a hoax.

Could Thirphaseofmoon's October 5 upload be legit?

A particular user seems to be convinced the recent clip, as well as the 2011 UFO video at the same dome, is for real.

User yowzephyr says:

"The UFO over the Dome was already done. It was a big story, remember? Even the major TV networks covered it. Then no less than MUFON concluded that the videos were a hoax. And they were... So what is going on? You have to understand how clever ET is. ET implanted the hoax urge into the hoaxers. Why? Because ET is interested in the Dome. So they used humans to hoax a UFO over it first before they themselves could hover over it. They use the shepherd boy crying wolf ploy to make us lose interest."

Are there reasons to believe the UFO sightings over Jerusalem's Dome of Rock are for real? Watch the videos for yourself.

2011 UFO Fleet Sighting

2012 UFO Fleet Sighting

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