UFO Sighting: Unidentified Object Lights Up Houston’s Stormy Skies; Social Media Explodes And Experts Explain

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Social media was abuzz with the news of UFO hovering in the Houston skies last week. Videos and images taken by the residents of the city of Texas of mysterious object lighting up the sky during a thunderstorm on Aug. 11 flooded the Internet.

The pictures show a circular set of lights, looking like a flying saucer in the sky. Some other pictures show a set of lights slightly tilted while it remains hanging in the sky. Chron.com notes that these pictures have been "reposted and cited many times" on the internet. The website notes that it seems that the video circulating around appears to have been taken "from a moving car" and the photos seem to be screen grabs from it.

Speaking to KPRC, Dr. Carolyn Sumners, vice president for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science explained the phenomena.

"I think the trick in UFO's is figuring out what else they could be. It's easy to say that could be the aliens," Dr. Carolyn Sumners told KPRC.

She even said the weather conditions in Houston could explain the sighting.

"If it's a real object and it looks like it is. The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it," Sumners continued.

Furthermore, Fletcher Gray, the volunteer chief investigator for the Texas chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, tried to explain what this unidentified object in the Houston sky could be. Houston Chronicle reports that MUFON volunteer said that "it's no more than light trapped in the side window." At the same time, Gray was reportedly inquisitive "about the source of the photos" of UFO sighting floating on the internet.

The UFO sighting created a well trending topic or hashtag #ufooverhouston. Some of the social media messages read:

An Instagram user djnayyz posted a video of UFO sighting in Houston: "This will be my last post about this UFO over the east side of houston the other day. Can anyone explain this? PS I did not film this but do have contact to the person who did."

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