UFO Sighting: 'Triangular and Black' Aircraft Flies Close to Witness in his Backyard

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UFO sightings continue to tickle the curiosity of many, but an unquestionable report has yet to surface. For now, UFO observers can only choose to listen, believe, or dismiss accounts of sightings. But when a witness reports seeing a "triangular and black" UFO, the curious will listen.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) received a report from a North Carolina witness regarding a strange flying object on Dec. 13 (Thursday) past 1am.

"I stepped outside to watch the meteor shower taking place," begins the report. (Geminid meteor shower was at its peak, giving a night sky show at the time.)

"I noticed right through the bare trees in my backyard, several extremely bright orange lights that were stationary, hovering right above the treeline," reads the report.

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To describe the intensity of light, the witness said he feared there was a fire in his backyard. But then "after about a minute," the hovering lights started to move in the witness' direction.

"(A)s it got closer, I noticed that it made no sound, it was triangular and black, there were about 6 bright orange lights underneath [and] no other lights, none flashing," the report continues, noting the craft's motion was slow and smooth.

"I continued to watch it and by the time it got to a 150 year old oak tree of mine, it turned completely on its side, showing the 6 orange lights under the aircraft."

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The witness observed the craft lifting off, saying "it rose slightly above the treeline again." Then it "sped up just a little and flew off to the NW."

The witness' story did not end there. He observed a military craft seemingly following the triangular UFO.

"I live close to Fort Bragg [and] I see military air vehicles all the time [and] what [I've] seen that night was nothing military," the witness reported, adding, "I have a feeling they knew that this flying object was in the area."

This UFO sighting was reported Linden, North Carolina. This was submitted on Dec. 18 (Tuesday) with no accompanying photos or videos.

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