UFO Sighting, Triangle Formation: 'Man Who Summons UFOs' Robert Bingham Wows, Fails Crowd [VIDEOS]

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Can a man summon extra terrestrials in their crafts for a crowd to see? This is what Robert Bingham appears to be claiming. Many UFO sighting observers know him as "the man who summons UFOs." One of his most recent summons appear to have attracted strange crafts making triangular formations.

Can a man summon extra terrestrials in their crafts for a crowd to see? This is what Robert Bingham appears to be claiming.

In a video invitation, Bingham welcomes skeptics to join in a "summoning event" on May 18 in Los Angeles, California.   The event did unfold, and the crowd that gathered saw three strange flying objects in the sky. E.T. UFOs or computer-controlled crafts? Scroll down to watch the videos. The sighting drew mixed reactions. Some were amazed; some were disappointed, saying the "UFOs" were mere balloons or some man-made objects.

"I would like you to keep your heads to the sky, and the clouds will tell you why," Bingham says in the video clip.

A footage of the UFO summoning day was filmed by several observers. One of the videos below was made by John Graf and posted to YouTube with the following description:

"This footage was shot at MacArthur Park in Downtown Los Angeles. You will see the UFOs making a triangular formation in the daytime sky. They way these objects move you can tell they are not balloons or anything else. Take a look. Thanks Robert Bingham for having this and other events like it. Photographed by John Graf and edited by Chris Toussaint."

Apparently, the summoning was part of a documentary being done by BBC on Bingham. The man who claims he can communicate with extra-terrestrials said the aliens are here to guide mankind into the future.

A commenter on YouTube (saksr1of3) posted this comment after the event:

"Well I was (there) for this phony baloney. Different colored balloons in the air and he calls them pink or purple or green flying saucers. What a true disappointment for a man who calls himself a summoner of UFO'S. Seemed to me their simply filming a reality show that, like the rest, has no reality to it. It wasn't even entertaining at all. I've seen spacecraft several times and I know the difference between a craft and a balloon."

VIDEO: Robert Bingham Invites Crowd for a UFO Summoning Event

VIDEO: UFO Summoning Footage with Robert Bingham

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