UFO Sighting Near Area 51: Bright Spherical Object Spotted, Reported [PHOTO]

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An unidentified flying object (UFO) looking oddly bright in the daytime sky was photographed by a Nevada resident near the controversial Area 51. Alien skeptics and believers have long argued about the veracity of alien-related in the area. In fact, their discussions have kept conspiracy theories alive through the years.

In a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) report, an unnamed source reported the sighting of an unusually "bright sphere" hovering over a desert in Alamo. The report was filed on Dec. 30, but the sighting happened on Sept. 29.

"A contact of mine who is a local resident of Alamo, Nevada was walking near to the Windmill Ranch Hotel just outside Alamo when he spotted this sphere moving towards the west and the mountain range," reports the unnamed source.

The report has an accompanying photo, which was taken by the MUFON reporter's contact, Darren Perks.

UFO Spotted, Photographed Near Area 51

"Behind the mountains is Area 51 and on this particular day there had been no aircraft activity out of Nellis AFB or Groom Lake. The sun was behind the person who took this picture and you can clearly see this from the shadows on the ground in the picture," the report says.

In an odd move, the unnamed source refuses to name his "contact," but a name has been stamped on the image.

"The contact had forgotten this image until he recently went through some old SD memory cards and came across it just before Christmas. He contacted me immediately and we cannot find any conventional explanation for this sphere."

UFOs, Aliens and Area 51

Many rumours have spread about the mysterious military bases called Area 51. The location has been associated to aliens, experimental spaceships, weather control experiments, and time travel explorations, among others.

Bob Lazar is one of the most quoted witnesses to studies and science experiments purportedly being done at Area 51. Lazar is one of the reasons why some people believe in the Area 51 conspiracy theories. Another reasons is the alleged cover-up of a 1947 UFO crash in Roswell is another story related to Area 51.

Watch an old video of Lazar below.

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