UFO Sighting: Mother And Daughter Spotted Two Bright Lights Flying Over In Their Southern Home in Alberta, Canada

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In Southern Alberta, Sam Martine reported about the UFO sighting she experienced with her daughter on Sunday night, March 16. The mother-daughter duo recounted in the CBCNews report about the two bright lights that they spotted in the sky at around 11 p.m. close to their Nanton home.

Sam revealed they were watching TV when they noticed the unidentified flying objects appearing above near their home. Sam and her daughter decided to take a closer look so they went out on their porch but the light started to come straight at them.

"It went straight over our house and headed to the northwest behind us. I've never seen anything like that before. The first light was about as big as a large yard light - that is what I thought it was at first - but very bright white. The second light was higher than the first, and the two lights sat in idle for about four or five minutes before moving upward," Sam recalled.  

When the witnesses tried to capture images of the UFO sighting, Baylie, the 14-year-old daughter, shared her camera acted weird that day with the photo turning completely green before deleting itself later on that evening.

It was Sam's turn to try taking pictures of the objects with her DSLR camera but she only captured two images.

"I could take pics of the sky but when I would aim at the lights flying, my camera would not work. Even my flash would make a weird noise. Finally out the back of our place I finally got the camera to work," Sam shared.

According to Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state, Sam's account on the UFO sighting fits with the numerous descriptions of UFOs reported to his center.

"UFOs are the second most researched subjects on the Internet," Davenport said in the Canoe.ca report with other witnesses complaining about the electromagnetic interference happening whenever they try to take photographs.

But Science Writer Chris Rutkowksi, who also studies the UFO reports in Canada, thought what the witnesses saw were the red and blue tip off lights common in an aircraft.

Robyn Foret, chair of the education and public outreach committee with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, agreed with Rutkowski and noted what Sam and her daughter saw was not connected to any paranormal activity.

"The shaking of the object or the movement of the object looks like a camera with a time exposure that may have been bumped. It looked very sporadic," Robyn Foret explained. The experts were not fully convinced that it was a UFO sighting but the experience is quite common in Alberta, Canada. 

Also, the UFO sighting that happened in Nanton was not the first paranormal activity reported in the past.

"There was a video taken of three lights moving in the sky where three lights were fading and reappearing for quite some time ... also in March - March 29, 2004 [at] about 9:30 in the evening," Rutkowski said.

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