UFO Sighting: LA Police Helicopter Accompanied by Strange Craft in Witness Photo [VIDEOS]

Several Amherst witnesses reported seeing low-flying triangular UFO

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A UFO sighting witness from the west-central San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles (CA) reported having photographed a strange craft with the L.A.P.D. helicopter while working on some practice shots.

UFO Sighting: Police helicopter accompanied by strange craft in witness photo (Photo: MUFON)

The witness, from Winnetka, was taking photos in his backyard when he spotted the L.A.P.D. helicopter from above. "I decided to take a picture of the helicopter with the blades clearly visible," the witness writes in this MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) report.

"I had set the camera to a shutter speed of 1/250sec in an attempt to catch to rotors of the L.A.P.D. helicopter," he writes. But the photographer did not have the chance to look closely at his photo until December last year. It was then that he caught the strange object in the frame.

"I blew up the picture, and could not believe at what I was looking at," the report continues. He explains in his MUFON report that he is a bird watcher, but the object he saw did not look like a bird at all.

UFO Sighting (Cropped image): Police helicopter accompanied by strange craft in witness photo. (MUFON)

The witness claims he did not see the strange flying object when he took the photo. He reckons it could have been flying fast. "The only other objects with motion blur are the three blades. I also do not believe that [strange object] is a toy because it would be flying very close to the police helicopter. Whatever this object is, it was in my opinion, flying at a high rate of speed, fast enough that it is not visible to one's eyes."

The witness uploaded to MUFON a 2.70MB (4912 x 3264 pixels) photo. The photo here has been cropped for a closer look at the helicopter. The witness, who reported the sighting on Jan. 18, did not leave his name on the MUFON Web site.

Scroll down for another UFO sighting report, this time from Amherst in Massachusetts.

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