UFO Sighting: Flying Low, 'Could have hit it with a rock!' - Witness report [PHOTO]

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A couple from Calera, Alabama reported seeing an unidentified flying object up close, and a witness from Cotulla, Texas shared a CCTV image of bright disc-like objects "hovering about a foot or less off the ground." These reported UFO sightings are only two of several witness accounts submitted to a UFO observers' network web site over the weekend.

UFO Witness: 'Could have hit it with a rock!'

In a report to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), a man claims he drove back to a location to check out a curious bright light that got his attention while driving. It seemed like the head of a tower, but it later turned out to be a hovering craft, according to the witness.

Below are snippets of the witness report, which has been slightly edited for clarity. In his report title, the Calera man wrote the UFO was too close to him and his wife, and they "(c)ould have hit it with a rock!"

"While driving North on I-65, [my wife and I] saw something with 2 bright, white flood lights [and] a blinking red light in the middle," the MUFON report reads. "We thought [the lights were from] a tower. I was supposed to turn left after getting off at the Shelby Co. Airport exit... but just had to go right and check it out."

From about one and a half miles north of the airport, the witness observed the "tower" had no "legs." The witness' wife was busy with her mobile phone and was barely looking at the time. "[When the car got too close], I told her, "Look at it!" She finally looked up and didn't say a word!"

The witness said what they saw was "a silver disc, with white lights on either side [and] a red flashing light on the middle front." The witness felt he was being watched. "I felt as if it was watching us because it was tilted towards us." The UFO was gone in about 60 seconds, according to the report.

"I had left my video camera in our other vehicle, so no photos. I know of 4 other people that say they saw it too, but none checked it out as we did," the report ends.

UFO captured by CCTV camera?

A witness from Cotulla, Texas released a CCTV image of bright disc-like objects “hovering about a foot or less off the ground.” (Image submitted to MUFON)

In another report, a witness claims seeing a "disk like craft with 3 lights hovering about a foot or less off the ground." A photo was sent in to MUFON to back the UFO sighting report.

"My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night. So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO," the report says.

"I was used to different [UFOs] mainly because I have seen some since I was a kid. It really got to me that I now have proof of the existence of these entities," the report ends.

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