UFO Sighting: Disc-Shaped Flying Object Spotted in Australia Bushfire Footage [VIDEO]

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A disc-shaped flying object was spotted in an International Business Times' footage of bushfires in Australia taken in the first week of January.

YouTube user HawkkeyDavisChannel hints he was not the first to spot the unidentified flying object (UFO) in one of the videos he shared on his channel.

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UFO Sighting: Disc-Shaped Flying Object Spotted in Australia Bushfire Footage (Image: IBTimes/YouTube)

"This is from a news feed on the wildfires in Australia on January 7th, 2013. A viewer watching my videos brought this to my attention and I feel it should be looked at. They seem to always be around extreme weather events. As always you be the judge and please leave your thoughts," reads the video description.

The footage, titled "Classic Shaped UFOs During Extreme Weather, Australia January 2013," drew mixed reviews. A couple of users vented out frustration over the "low quality video." Incidentally, the footage is one of International Business Times' reports on the terrible bushfires in Australia.

Twenty seconds into the video, the IB Times report was altered to direct viewers' attention to an object flying over the bushfire.

"It is clearly a disk and not a plane," writes HawkkeyDavisChannel.

"First of all, you're watching a low quality video of an object flying at a distance behind smoke and haze. Second, you can hear the rumble of something, which I am guessing would be the hum of the rotor blades of the helicopter. Since the quality is so poor, it *could* be something else, but if you think about it, it's more likely a helicopter that is being used to observe the spread of the fire," writes user dieHeeresschar.

User lena1163 thinks differently, saying the object couldn't be a helicopter. "(H)elicopters they use to fight fires have huge thick lines hanging from them to hold enormous bags of water, even when the bag is emptied it looks like a smaller version of an air balloon deflated, it's usually dark in colour and is easily seen."

Scroll down to play the video. What do you think of the flying object in question?

VIDEO: UFO or Helicopter over Australia Bushfires?

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