UFO Sighting: Cigar Shaped Strange Flying Object Filmed, Debated Over in Comments [VIDEO]

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UFO sightings are always exciting for paranormal believers. On the other hand, some people are quick to question reported sightings, offering more realistic explanations. An old cigar shaped "UFO" video is drawing fresh comments. But is it really from "out there" or just a toy from Earth? Scroll down to play the video.

UFO Sighting: Cigar Shaped Strange Flying Object Filmed, Debated Over in Comments (YouTube @omex2005)

"HUGE UFO cigar shaped," says the YouTube video description of @omex2005. The video was taken in Denton, Greater Manchester in the UK in 2011. "Object was just visible to the naked eye. Was in the sky for around 40 minutes before raising so high that it could not be seen at all. UFO means unidentified flying object so I'm not saying it was little green men, but still... Interesting to watch."

One of the problems in the reported UFO video is that viewers don't get any idea of the object's distance from the videographer. No tripod was used to properly capture the image, too.

"I'm guessing its size was massive," writes @omex2005.

Less than a week ago, YouTube user Gaz Ashworth brought back the video to the site users' attention with this comment (unedited): "Wow my partner and i seen the same object on July 19 2013. Marple, Stockport Sorry but if you think this is a fake your a fool and need to open your eyes. Disclosure."

Is the "unidentified" object really strange, or is it easy to explain? Other commenters are divided on solar balloon, drones, and legit UFO capture.

Another interesting comment came from YouTube user David Pearce (unedited):

"I witness something like this in cardiff in dec 2005. it was a lot closer and broke through the clouds rotating. it was MASSIVE.... it came down straight then leaned to my right and disappeared back into the cloud cover. it really shook me up...."

Omex2005 reposted the video using the same account, and said:

"Some people have mentioned it may be a balloon of some sort, but it was a windy day and it hovered for a while then disappeared."

Despite the limitations of the video (no reference point, blurry), do you think this "UFO" is more spectacular than just drones or solar balloons?

VIDEO: Cigar shaped UFO in Denton, Greater Manchester, UK

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