UFO Sighting Caused the Mysterious 2013 Super Bowl Power Blackout?


The unexpected power blackout during the 2013 Super Bowl got even more mysterious. In a video footage available at YouTube, two strange UFOs with red lights were spotted hovering above the Louisiana Super Dome before the power was suddenly cut out.  

The video footage is a live camera feed from the Online Weather Center for New Orleans. The male narrator on the video stated: "There was something that appeared right above the Superdome right before the lights went out. Maybe nothing, maybe something. But there was something above the Superdome in the sky right before the lights went out."

The major United States sports event was put on hold for 34 minutes when the lights suddenly went out. 111 million viewers lost the Super Bowl broadcast. In New Orleans, officials are still puzzled as to what really caused the interruption on the American football match between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.

Even the energy supplier in New Orleans admitted they found no results to explain the power blackout based on their investigation. The Superdome owners has reportedly requested for a full-scale examination on the incident where consultants are being called in to evaluate the data.

Over $1 million worth of stadium development were ordered as well following the after effects of the power blackout. Meanwhile, viewers can watch the video footage on YouTube entitled "Blimp or Ufo? Lights Above Super Bowl 47 Before Blackout New Orleans Superdome Blackout! UFO?"

The main reason for the 2013 Super Bowl power blackout still remains unclear for the UFO spotted on the video could have been an aircraft that coincided with a possible electricity supply failure during the Super Bowl game.

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