UFO Sighting? Cape Town, Texas Witnesses look for answers because 'the truth is out there' [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

From South Africa to the U.S. - UFO in the Sky, Alien on the Ground?


Reported UFO sightings can become controversial when experts fail to provide a logical explanation to the "witnesses." Those who find themselves in what appears to be a paranormal encounter are sometimes baffled as to how to process the experience. Some of them don't hesitate to ask for answers.

In Cape Town, South Africa, a man suspects an unidentified object is hiding in a disc-shaped cloud. Meanwhile, in Texas, U.S. a photographer seeks help in identifying a strange figure in the photo he captured.

Both witnesses are looking for answers, while at the same time being seemingly convinced they knew what they saw.

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VIDEO: Disc-shaped UFO in Cape Town?

Andrew Botha uploaded to YouTube a video of a strange cloud sighting late in Dec. 2012. He claims the disc-shaped cloud vanished and re-appeared after an hour. He apparently observed the cloud for at least a couple of hours, before the sun went down. A number of critics posted comments on the video, mostly saying it was easy to see the image was that of a cloud.

One user called the sighting a "cloaked ship." Another user, a fellow UFO observer, requested for a raw video, which Botha uploaded, too. While obviously amazed by the stationary, re-surfacing cloud, Botha asks the viewers whether they thought he saw a UFO or a lenticular cloud, the disc-shaped type of cloud that is often perceived to be a strange flying object.

Watch the video to see for yourself.

PHOTO: Alien or shadow trick?

A Texas man took to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) to seek the insights of photo and imaging experts. Gary Q. Richards titled his MUFON report, "Alien looking image in photograph." He stressed the image could have resulted from "shadows making an illusion of some sort." But he wanted to be sure. He came back to the site the next day to snap a similar image, but the alien-like figure was gone.

UFO Sighting? Cape Town, Texas Witnesses look for answers (Photo: Gary Q. Richards)

He told MUFON (Report ID: 45078) he hopes to find "someone with better digital equipment, [who] can analyze the image to try and find out if it is indeed a trick of light [and] shadow or a real object."

Click 'Start' to see more of the photos Richards shared with the MUFON network.

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