UFO Sighting: Black Disc-Shaped Object Filmed Hovering over Brazil Rainforest [VIDEOS]

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A UFO was filmed hovering rainforest in Brazil, where an alien was purportedly caught on video last year.

See the video clips below or go to UFO Sightings Daily.

Scott C. Waring, a known UFO blogger and commentator, recently published a reader-submitted video clip of an object believed to be a UFO spotted in Brazil. He called the blog entry, "Black UFO Hovering Through Rain Forest In Brazil, Nov 2012."

"I noticed that the camera used seems to be an old style cell phone," Waring wrote. He noted the shadow effect in the clip, which could happen if the device used for filming is unable to take clear and sharp images when in motion.

"The black UFO has [an] after-image if it moves too fast... but note the leaves on the trees also have this after-image when the camera itself moves [too] fast," he said, noting this implies the amateur film video could be legit.

"When I adjusted the light on the UFO I noticed that it's edges seemed to have curvature indicating this object is not a sphere but a disk. There is a black rectangle on the bottom, possible the doorway of the craft," Waring continued.

This is the video description on YouTube, where the amateur film is hosted:

"This is footage by an American scientist while investigation a unique and rare species of mammals in the region."

It will be recalled that an alleged extraterrestrial life was filmed while walking through the woods in Brazil. The alien life form is followed by a glowing orb. The video drew mixed reactions from those who have seen it. Others believed the figure was indeed of an alien, and others doubted the authenticity of the video. See for yourself. Watch the videos below.

VIDEO: Black Disc-Shaped UFO in Brazil Rainforest

VIDEO: Alien Sighting in Brazil?

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