UFO Sighting: Australian Actor Russell Crowe Uploads, Defends UFO Clip [VIDEO]

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UFO sighting accounts and videos are quite common, but they do not typically come from Hollywood actors. But New Zealand-born Australian actor Russell Crowe somehow got into the business of being a UFO watcher. However, Crowe's YouTube clip has not been thoroughly well-received.

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UFO Sighting by Russel Crowe Sparks Mockery

UFO Sighting: Australian Actor Russell Crowe Uploads, Defends UFO Video (Twitter)

Crowe tweeted, "A friend and i set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens,this was a big surprise [video link]."

The shout out drew only 125 retweets and 109 favorites from Crowe's over 800,000 followers and other users on Twitter. Many of those who reacted to the video did not seem to take Crowe's UFO filming seriously.

Robert Holik tweeted, "@russellcrowe I reckon the Aliens maybe stopped by Earth to check out Broken City?" (The American crime thriller "Broken City" is Crowe's 2013 movie co-starring Mark Wahlberg.)

On YouTube, one of the comments reads, "Looks to me like someone was shining a laser pointer into the lens of the camera."

The time lapse nature of Crowe's video does not provide many viewers a good idea of what the actor may have seen. It looks a bit like the kind of light effect caused by moving vehicles on the road, except the object captured seems to be hovering and beaming light to the ground. Still, the clip also looks like a composition of manipulated images.

"Canon 5D, no flash, can't be lense (sic) flare because it moves, camera is fixed," Crowe tweeted in reaction to critics and speculations that he may have overreacted to some common shooting anomalies. "The camera is on a balcony - not behind glass," he added.

Here is a tweet reaction from Mary, another Twitter user: "I think that this will provide a good explanation as to what the U.F.O is [video link]"

UFO Sighting: Australian Actor Russell Crowe Uploads, Defends UFO Video, Twitter Users React (Twitter)

VIDEO: Russell Crowe uploads 'UFO' Clip on YouTube


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