UFO Footage: Plane Passenger Captures Strange Flying Object on Film [VIDEO]

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UFO sightings happen randomly, but those with cameras ready for any sightings in the skies are more likely to film snaps of a legit unidentified flying object. Whether on ground or up in the air, UFO observers are always on the lookout for what could be the next big mystery of our time. A plane passenger recently reported to MUFON his own experience at filming some strange flying craft.

"While flying back from Washington, D.C. to Denver, Colorado I caught a UFO on video while taping the sky outside the window of the airliner," reads a MUFON report from Arlington County, Virginia. (Follow this link for the video submitted to MUFON.)

"Flight was Frontier Airlines flight 725. Because of the low light level, my camera was not focusing so well on auto focus, so I used the Caribou image on the wing to focus. When I pulled back from the image, this is when I noticed a bright silver object that had suddenly flew into view. I noticed that it was moving up, down, and changing directions," the report continued.

The strange craft, however, was not captured clearly on film. Still, the UFO reporter asked MUFON to contact him should there be any questions. Scroll down to watch a related UFO video - the reporter of which also shared spotting a strange air craft outside a plane.

"I zoomed in with the camera and because of turbulence, I had a hard time keeping the object in sight. While viewing the object with my eyes, I noticed that it grew somewhat dull, then just shot off, but Im unsure of the direction. It was clearly not a landing light from another aircraft. Frontier Airlines shows the aircraft altitude and speed on a small monitor on the back of each seat. I noticed that our altitude at the time was over 25,000 and our speed was about 400 MPH at the time. Please see the video and contact me if you have any questions."

This UFO report was submitted on Mar. 20, but the sighting and filming took place on Mar.5 at around 6 in the evening.

VIDEO: "UFO Video From Airplane Window .....Awesome"


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