UFO Evidence: Old Paintings, Frescoes and Illustrations Show UFOs and Extraterrestrials [PHOTOS]

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Many ufologists, conspiracy theorists, and experts believe that the UFO phenomenon began in 1947 when a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. However, fascination for UFOs started centuries before that, according to researchers.

'The Baptism of Christ' by Aert de Gelder, 1710

According to French Web site Heretiques Les Decouvertes Impossibles, the presence of UFOs in paintings were common before the French Revolution until the depiction of these flying objects became a threat to the Vatican.  

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral Fresco, 17th Century

The 11th century Svetishoveli Cathedral in Georgia features a 17th century fresco that depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Hovering in the distance on each side of the cross are two flying objects seemingly watching the crucifixion. 

'Madonna with Saint Giovannino', 15th Century

In the background of the "Madonna with Saint Giovannino" is an image of a man and his dog looking at what seems to be a flying saucer.

The painting done by Domenico Ghirlandaio is housed at the Palazzo Vecchio.

'The Crucifixion', 1350

In an old monastery in Kosovo, a 14th century fresco shows two comet-like flying objects. The UFOs have a passenger each.

The monastery, established in 1327, has a number of frescoes but they were only completed in the year 1350. 

'Ume No Chiri' Illustration, 1803

The illustration from the book called "Ume No Chiri" ("Dust of Apricot") shows a UFO. According to the account in "Ume No Chiri," a foreign ship and its crew landed on Haratono shores in 1803. Witnesses say that the ship's shell was of iron and glass. The account also adds that there were strange symbols inside the ship.

In 1941, a UFO allegedly crash landed in Cape Girardeau killing two "extraterrestrial" and injuring another. A pastor from a nearby town recounted that he was called in at 9 p.m. to pray for the victims of the crash. When he arrived at the site, he saw a disc-shaped aircraft, but what caught his attention were the strange symbols written inside the craft.

While the 1803 "Ume No Chiri" illustration is deemed as fictional, ufologists believe that the account is important to show that UFOs have been visiting earth for centuries. 

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