UFO Cover-up Sparks TAFE Curriculum on Unexplained

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A course on UFO may be included to technical and further education's (TAFE) curriculum as a result of Australian authorities alleged cover-up on UFO information.

Members of Victorian UFO Action lay blame on Australian authorities as revealing details emerged surrounding UFO sighting in the sky above Bacchus Marsh in 2013.

The Victorian UFO Action was able to get a hold of videos and pictures of a glowing object similar to a shape of a disc hovering across sky. The revelation was that a military helicopter was captured following the flight path of the flying object.

"The authorities knew there was something anomalous above Melbourne's air space that evening and were powerless to intercept it. Event stands as an example that the skies of Victoria are visited by unknowns and that authorities are unwilling to admit it," VUFOA Director Ben Hurle told the Herald Sun.

VUFOA also noted that the Australia's military intelligence agencies and civil aviation bodies had been reopening investigations to accounts of UFO sighting across the country.

To better arm themselves of skills to investigate unexplainable and bizarre occurrences in the country, VUFOA members underwent a written examination.

The written examination is to gauge members' ability for factual investigation and to assure that members do not jump to conclusions, Hurle explained.

"Victoria had a long history of UFO research but it died off. We are bringing it back and creating a process so people can do it with credibility," Hurle added.

Sample of exam questions: What are the five possible man-made explanations when reporting on UFO cases? Identify the essential equipment needed to conduct investigations? How do you crosscheck a story from a witness? What are the three most likely scenarios to help explain a UFO sighting?

More on VUFOA:

"We are a UFO group from Victoria, Australia and our website was created to promote and assist all UFO groups in Australia. We are Victoria's premium UFO research Organisation. Formed in 2010 we offer a place to report UFO Sightings with database recording and investigation, counselling for experiencers and Australia's only UFO TV style show," Hurle wrote in the group's Web site.

The group also provides support through counselling to people who had UFO sightings. It also offer support group to all believers of UFO.

"We have countless hours of reading material for you to review and download. There is also over 200 videos and a forum where you can converse with like minded people."

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