UFO Congress: The Science Channel Set to Premiere UFO Shows at the 2014 International UFO Congress for Their 'Are We Alone?' Month


UFO enthusiasts are invited to take part in Open Minds Production's largest annual UFO conference, the 2014 International UFO Congress, in Fountain Hills. The Science Channel joins the event dedicated to UFOs and paranormal studies where it will premiere new UFO shows to promote its "Are We Alone?" month.

According to the Open Minds UFO News and Investigations report, the screenings at the conference are free and open to the public where the Science Channel premieres its new UFO TV show "Close Encounters," and the experts featured will be speaking at the UFO conference. The most credible and mysterious UFO sightings will be examined in the new show with the stories being described as the ones that captivated the experts and researchers' imaginations.

Additionally, the Open Minds staff members coordinate the "Spacing Out!" event complete with speakers, marketplace and entertainment for the attendees. "We have such a big crowd every single year that they register as soon as we open registration up," Maureen Elsberry, the co-host of Open Minds' "Spacing Out!" program and cast member of "Uncovering Aliens" on Discovery's Science Channel, stated in the Phoenix New Times blog.

"There's such a high demand... every year well sell out faster and faster. We sell out of three different hotels out there," Jason McClellan, the producer and other co-host of "Spacing Out!" further revealed. In this 2014 UFO conference, a variety of presenters will be included such as author Timothy Good, host Aaron Sagers of the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Papparazzi" and host George Noory of the paranormal late night radio program "Coast to Coast A.M."

Even though the speakers featured in the conference are said to be "believers," staff members of the Open Minds production still invite scientists in order to further explore other ideas of alien existence. The guest scientists may not be discussing UFO knowledge but they will tackle on the "life out there."

For instance, astrophysicist Jeffery Bennett will be discussing the recent discoveries on Mars as well as the Kepler satellites discovery of Earth-like planets. Another guest is National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astrobiologist Richard B. Hoover who will talk about the idea of microbial extremophiles and microfossils from meteorites.

The 2014 International UFO Congress that kicked off Wednesday, Feb 12, will run through Sunday, Feb 16, at Fort McDowell Resort and Casino.

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