UFC’s Georges St-Pierre and WWE’s Dave Bautista to Star in the Remake of 1989 Classic Martial Arts Flick ‘Kickboxer’

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The 1989 classic martial arts-action flick Kickboxer, which starred Jean Claude Van Damme, is getting a remake.

Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) Georges St-Pierre and World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Dave Bautista will reportedly star in the remake of the said movie, THR reported.

"Really looking forward to this," Bautista wrote on his official Facebook page.

However, neither St-Pierre nor Bautista will play the lead role. Hollywood stuntman and martial artist Alain Moussi will play the main character. Moussi has already appeared in a series of Hollywood movies such as Pacific Rim, White House Down and the upcoming X-Men: Days of the Future Past.

According to THR, Radar Pictures producer Ted Field hired Hongkong-based actor and film director Stephen Fung to direct the new version. Fung has helmed six movies in the past including Jump, Tai Chi 0, and Tai Chi Hero.

Kickboxer was originally about a man (Kurt), played by Van Damme, who trained and learned Muay Thai kickboxing in an effort to seek vengeance for this brother (Eric), who was brutally beaten in a fight. In the rebooted version, the story revolves in the descendants of David and Kurt. David flies to Hong Kong to compete in the Karate World Championship, despite Kurt's objections. Kurt then hovers to Thailand to supposedly meet David, only to discover that he has died. Kurt then plots his revenge.

Van Damme's movie Kickboxer is not the only one that is going to get a remake. In March 2013, Deadline.com reported that Van Damme's Blood Sport will also get a reboot.

St-Pierre and Bautista's character are yet to be revealed. St-Pierre has recently appeared as Bartoc the Leaper in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Meanwhile, Bautista has appeared in two movies in the last couple years. Bautista was casted in the movie The Man with the Iron Fists as well as in Riddick. Bautista's latest action flick is Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to be released on Aug 1, 2014.


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