UFC President Dana White Says Anderson Silva Will Fight in 2014, Says Silva Got Robbed at UFC 168

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White is confident that Anderson Silva will return to fight in the octagon ring.

After the gruesome injury that Silva has sustained in his match against Chris Weidman in UFC 168 in December, people are really wondering if he can even fight again. Well, White most certainly thinks that the Brazilian mixed martial artist can fight again and he's convinced that it will happen in 2014.

White made an appearance on Arsenio Hall's talk show on Monday and he revealed that Silva should be able to fight again before 2014 is over. White said that Silva will be able to walk by the end of January without using his crutches. "He'll be training in less than six months and fight before the end of this year," said White.

In a news report by MMAJunkie, White revealed even more information on Silva's condition and recovery. "He's doing great," said White. "The funny thing is we all keep talking about how Anderson Silva and all career-ending and all that stuff," he said. "He broke a bone and because of the bone he broke and the way it broke, it's one of the freakiest thing you'll just see so you're like 'Oh my God, it's horrible," he said. White is optimistic that Silva is going to heal great and will be able to make a comeback as soon as the injury is healed and the bone is stronger. "He's going to be good," he said.

White went on and said that Silva is thirsty to win the title back, although Silva never mentioned anything about it to White. "Once they lose that belt, they would want that belt back so bad," said White. "I can tell he wants that belt back," he said.

White said that Weidman won the fight but he feels that they robbed off the fight in an unusually freakishly accident. "Chris won the fight, I mean the way the fight ended but none of us can deny we got robbed," he said. "Freak accident, got robbed off a finish but I don't know," White said.

With Silva coming back, do you think it is really a good idea or a terrible one?


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