UFC News: Johny Hendricks to Fight Lawler With Two Healthy Arms in Rematch

By @EntengBulagting on

A Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler rematch is already coming to a head and this time around, they are looking forward to putting up a show better than the first legendary fight.

Hendricks all but confirmed the fight with his tweet last July 27 which read: "Robbie it is." It is not clear if Hendricks is ecstatic to face the last man he put down narrowly even last March. He is just returning from a biceps surgery but there is no doubt that he has displayed a champion's resolve during the fifth round of that brawl, even with a torn biceps.

There is not date yet on the rematch but it will be penciled in as soon as Hendricks a surgically repaired arm heals which would be nice this time around for the somewhat confident champion.

"I'm sort of excited about that. Going into something healthy, with two arms, would be nice," he said per Yahoo! Sports.  "Yeah, I can face Robbie Lawler healthy, [with] everything going right, get in there and see if it is as close a fight as it was the first time. Because I'm healthy, both arms are active, I can do a lot more."

Lawler is no pushover himself. In a span of four months from losing to an injured Hendricks, he has was able to rise to number 1 contender status with a win over Matt Brown in a five round, unanimous decision which favored the striker. Lawler displayed an assortment of crisper and harder punchers which put Brown on a vehicle headed to the hospital immediately after the fight.

Hendricks, the first UFC welterweight division champion not name Georges St. Pierre, may sound arrogant with his declaration of two healthy arms to pummel him with but many skeptics are supporting his notion that he outpointed Lawler with one healthy arm, then how much more with two.

As it stands, the form that Lawler showed during his ast fight is cause for optimism for his handlers as it attests the strength and recovery of their prized ward to comeback from a violent battle which he just lost four months backwards.

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