UFC 167: George St. Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Live Stream, Schedule, Fight Analysis & Results

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After months of speculations, George St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks will finally duke it out on Saturday for the UFC Welterweight Championship at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In his 12th title defense, St. Pierre will try to become the longest tenured champion in Ultimate Fighting Championship history when he clashes with his challenger, whose hard-hitting and rough style of fighting made him the most dangerous opponent to GSP's long reign as champ.

Hendricks has been undefeated in six fights, vanquishing legitimate welterweight contenders - one of those was former interim welterweight champ Carlos Condit at UFC 158.

"Realistically, [the power] comes from my legs and my butt. I walk around at 225. I have big legs and a big butt. That's where all the power comes from. And, you know, wrestling -- always being in that stance and ready to explode," said Hendricks during the post-fight interview.

Apparently, St. Pierre is aware that his next fight won't be a walk in the park, knowing that Hendricks is a complete fighter with power and a repertoire of grappling techniques.

"His left is his signature move but he works on many things. He's a very complete fighter. He's probably one of the best in the division in knockout power and the reason why is he's so good you don't see it coming. The way he throws it, I believe you don't see it coming," GSP said via ESPN.


Martin Kampmann, welterweight contender, predicted a slugfest between St-Pierre and Hendricks through five furious rounds. Though he believes Hendricks will be hard foe for GSP, he's still confident that the Canadian grappler will finish the job.

"If Johny catches him on the button he'll hurt him, but St-Pierre is going to fight him smart. He's going to try to jab him from the outside the whole fight. Johny is good at closing the distance but he's going to get jabbed the whole fight. If Johny commits hard, that's how I think St-Pierre will take him down. Even though Johny is the better wrestler, I think St-Pierre can still take him down. That's how I think St-Pierre is going to fight him, but sometimes s--- don't go to plan," said Kampmann.

Live Stream Schedule & Blow-by-Blow Fight Streaming

MMA fans can watch the main event through UFC Pay-per-View. They can also follow blow-by-blow commentary of the fight on ESPN MMA. For those looking for free live streaming, several websites such as stream hunter, provide live feed of the match with no cost, but at your own risk.

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