Ubuntu OS Coming to Smartphones: Can it Battle the Giants?


Last week was a surge of BlackBerry Z10 news and reviews, as well as updates for Google Android. But this time, another player comes on to the smartphones scene in the form of Ubuntu.

This October, expect a new competitor for smartphones, with the uniquely open source operating system, reports Digital Trends.

Ubuntu offers a new feature that can actually hold an upper hand in the smartphones industry. For starters, employees will now have an easier time taking their work with them anywhere they need to be.

Besides, users are not entirely unfamiliar with Ubuntu. CNet reports that Ubuntu has been a favorite open-source platform that tailors specifically for computing.

And with its entrance into the smartphone platform coupled with its compatibility entry-level smartphones, even the developers of apps for the Ubuntu OS will not have a hard time creating apps for both the desktop and the PC version.

On the upside for consumers, you can now experience easier transfer between devices. And, according to Digital Trends, businesses will also find the Ubuntu OS and smartphones handy, as the open-source software will come free.

"You can share Windows apps to the phone desktop," said Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd., the provider of services for those using the Ubuntu open source software, to Wall Street Journal.

Of course, despite the ease that Ubuntu offers, it doesn't come without a challenge, especially in the evolving industry of technology.

According to Wall Street Journal, one of the biggest problems involve the almost standard use of tablets and other communication devices in offices, especially in industry where employees cannot just stay in the office all the time.

Penetrating this particular brand of target market may be the problem, which would mean Ubuntu would have to offer more than just the ease to get in and stay in.

In any case, it's not just out of the game yet, as IBN Live reports that carriers are interested in carrying the smartphones should they come out on the last quarter of the year.

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