Ubisoft Betrays Nintendo: Ubisoft's Refusal to Release Secret Wii U Games is a Good News

By @binibiningkd on

Nintendo had lots of good and satisfying news at E3 2014. The company really crushed it, from "Zelda" Wii U to "Codename: STEAM," from "Super Smash Bros" to "Splatoon," which makes the news that Ubisoft betrayed Nintendo more devastating. It is camping on third-party-finished games until Wii U is doing something better. Making the Watch Dogs Wii U delay makes more sense.

On the very first day of E3, news was released about Ubisoft Wii U games, but was too harsh to write about  before Nintendo changed everything with its  impressive Nintendo Digital Event and the variety of reveals it had after the conference.

Polygon broke the Ubisoft Wii U story when it got company CEO Yves Guillemot to accept that the company has an unannounced Wii U game under their sleeves. The reason is that the company hasn't sold enough units to support a major marketing push. The company wants to do "massive marketing and TV marketing," and an install base of just 6 million worldwide doesn't justify that.

Ubisoft has been decreasing on its Wii U releases awhile, cutting DLC from "Ass Creed IV", delaying "Watch Dogs," and most recently not releasing "Ass Creed: Unity" over to the system at all. People thought it was the end term of Ubisoft's support altogether. Positively, the report has no meaning at all but then again, Ubisoft's short-term betrayal stings, its action is actually good in the long-term chance of Wii U.

Ubisoft's betrayal is just short term, because it is about to release Wii U game for other systems. It is still keeping it for when it thinks Wii U is ready. The company thinks that Wii U is enough to justify a major third-party release with a full TV campaign and all that. Basically, it is not dumping the system but just saving it until it gets its move together.

And the good news is that it seems like it will happen sooner or later. In several big markets, Nintendo finally has a real system seller in "Mario Kart 8," and Wii U's are actually outselling PS4. Not only that, the forthcoming release of "Super Smash Bros," soon release of "Zelda" Wii U, and a host of new family-friendly games, new IPs, and smaller releases, Nintendo is moving better than they did last year.

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