U2 Previews New Song 'Invisible' on Super Bowl XLVIII -- Where to View and Download the Song for Free

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After making waves in the awards circuit last month for 'Ordinary Love,' its track for 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,' Bono and his band U2 released another single today (Australian time) during the Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Irish quartet unveiled its new track 'Invisible,' with an advertisment during the Super Bowl XLVIII. The advertisment is in the form of a one-minute-four-second black-and-white video where the band is in a stage connected to a catwalk. Bono walks down the catwalk before singing through the round microphone suspended at the end of the catwalk, to the delight of the audience.

But prior to the Super Bowl unveiling, the band uploaded over the band's Facebook page a video entitled 'In The Studio With U2, Making 'Invisible.' The video is a mini-documentary of the behind-the-scenes of the 'Invisible' commercial.

The video posts came with a link leading to its iTunes page where fans can download the song for free. But the link was not available until the same song was officially launched in the Super Bowl TV ad.

For every download of the song which will only be available until Feb. 3, 11:59PM EST, Bank of America will be donating $1 to (RED), a charity co-founded by Bono to raise awareness against AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa.

A Facebook representative relates to Mashable how Bono came up with the idea of having a preview of 'Invisible' over the social networking site before its Super Bowl debut.

"The goal is to explain the story behind the song and this project to their fans, and kick off the 24-hour free download period about six hours earlier," the Facebook rep said.

'Invisible' will be part of the band's 13th studio album which will be out in record stands this year.

Preview the U2 mini-documentary here 

Download 'Invisible' on iTunes 

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