Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien: 'Teen Wolf' Stars Recall First Impressions, How They Bonded And Became Friends On And Off The Camera

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"Teen Wolf" stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien, who portrays best friends Scott and Stiles in the supernatural MTV series, revealed how they first bonded before they became good friends on and off the camera. In a recent interview, Tyler and Dylan recounted their first impression on each other which started from an interesting place called the bathroom.

In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Dylan O'Brien revealed that they hit it off immediately when Tyler Posey walked in and asked where the bathroom was during their screen test four years ago.  "And I remember just thinking, 'Wow, he's really comfortable. That's so badass'," the 23-year-old actor recalled.

As for Tyler Posey, the 22-year-old actor revealed that he immediately thought Dylan O'Brien is a cool dude. "When I saw Dylan, he had on a DVS shirt, which is a skateboard company, and I grew up skateboarding," Posey shared.

Then, the two further bonded when they started to talk about their bands. Tyler Posey shared that his band's name was "Lost in Kostco." Dylan O'Brien revealed his band was named "Slow Kids at Play" with pop-punk elements included to their music which had a more reggae vibe into it.

Tyler and Dylan continue to display an easy connection with each other even though they have some differences. Tyler revealed that Dylan is really into sports and he has the desire to understand sports and be into it.

Meanwhile, Dylan O'Brien admitted that he does not really understand how tattoos work which happens to be Tyler's interest. "He always tries to explain them to me, and I keep confirming with him and he'll be like, 'No, no,' and he'll start over again," O'Brien shared.

The duo were recently spotted leading their "Teen Wolf" cast members to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California on Sunday, Aug. 24. Dylan Sprayberry (Liam), Arden Cho (Kira), Holland Roden (Lydia) and Seana Gorlick, Tyler Posey's soon-to-be wife, attended the awards ceremony. Click HERE to see photos.

Fans can still catch Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien as Scott and Stiles in the remaining two episodes of "Teen Wolf" Season 4. The supernatural TV series is scheduled to return with episode 11 titled "A Promise to the Dead" on Monday night, Sept. 1, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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