Tyler Posey: 5 Things to Know about MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Actor [PHOTOS]


His guest appearance on Comedy Central's television sitcom "Workaholics" made Tyler Posey a trending topic on social networking sites like "Twitter." The MTV "Teen Wolf" actor temporarily left behind his werewolf character in order to make the comedic performance on the TV show.

In "Workaholics," Tyler Posey portrays the role of 18-year-old Bobby who signs up the TelAmeriCorp gang to help him in losing his virginity. "Workaholics" is aired every Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

Tyler Posey admitted that the "Workaholics" role became a dream come true for him. "I'm a HUGE fan of the show. I have every episode recorded. I'm kind of nervous about seeing it because I've never really done comedy," Tyler revealed to EW through an email.

Apparently, Tyler's performance was a success. Numerous Twitter users gave their reactions on Tyler Posey's "Workaholics" guest apprearance. Username @kailey_sohn posted: "Died laughing at this weeks episode of #workaholics oh my Tyler Posey."

 "TYLER POSEY ON WORKAHOLICS!? it's like combining my two favorite shows...ever," Twitter user @samm_butlerr wrote while username @astralblades made a suggestion on Tyler Posey's guest appearance as he wrote the message: "The writers should make Tyler Posey a regular on Workaholics! #getweird #workaholics #blowjed."

Listed below are the 5 things people need to know about the MTV "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey.

1.       Did you know that Tyler Posey portrayed the role of Jennifer Lopez's adorable son, Ty Ventura, on the romantic comedy film "Maid in Manhattan" in 2002?

2.       Tyler also appeared in the 2002 film "Collateral Damage" as Arnold Schwarzenegger's son.

3.       Tyler Garcia Posey was born on October 18, 1991 in Santa Monica, California. He will turn 22 years old this year.

4.       At the age of 16, Tyler auditioned in the "Twilight" film series for the role of Jacob Black. Taylor Lautner defeated him in bagging the role but the two remain good friends.   

5.       Tyler is the son of actor John Posey. He has a Mexican descent on his mother's side while the Irish-British-American-Indian descent comes from his father. Tyler has two brothers named Jesse and Derek.

Meanwhile, Tyler Posey is currently busy filming the third season of MTV's "Teen Wolf" series in a remote location.

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