Two Women Hid Boy for 8 Years, Both Convicted of Kidnapping


In Texas, San Augustine jurors convicted a mother and daughter who took an 8-month-old baby boy in 2004 and hid him for 8 years. Gloria Walker was sentenced 30 years in jail while her daughter, Krystle Tanner, will concurrently serve the sentence of 8 years for kidnapping and 8 years for reckless injury to a child.

The deliberation took 2 hours before the women were found guilty of kidnapping the boy identified as Miguel Morin. "I didn't do nothing wrong. I didn't know they were looking for him. I didn't know he was missing," Walker stated.

Both women claimed that they did not take the boy but he was given to them but the prosecutors managed to prove in court the inaccuracy in the women's statement as well as the kidnapping and neglect on the missing boy. According to the Examiner report, the two women kept Miguel Morin out of school and even changed his name to Jaquan.

"If Ms. Walker and Ms. Tanner had a right to little Miguel, why wasn't he in school? Why didn't you get the rest of his immunizations? Why didn't you take him to the dentist? They knew they didn't have that right. They knew they couldn't put that baby out in the public eye," Kevin Dutton, the San Augustine County District Attorney, stated.

The kidnapping story began in 2004 when Krystle Tanner, who was the babysitter of Miguel at that time, suddenly took the boy and then moved across Texas with her mother Gloria numerous times to avoid the police. Investigators discovered Krystle's kidnapping crime when she was questioned for drug charges.  

Miguel Morin was temporarily turned over to foster care after investigators found him with Krystle Tanner and Gloria Walker. Now, the 8-year-old boy is reunited with his family while receiving therapy for accepting his real parents and identity.

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