Two Suspects Arrested on Miley Cyrus' Stolen Maserati Case

The Maserati and jewelry were reported missing last Friday.
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While Miley Cyrus has never gone to rehab or been arrested for DUI, the former “Hannah Montana” star has been famous for controversial reasons of which include smoking pot on stage, twerking and her scandalous “Bangerz” tour. REUTERS/Maja Suslin/TT News Ag

Quick action by the LAPD resulted in the arrest of two people in connection with a burglary and grand theft auto incident on pop star Miley Cyrus' home.

Burglars broke into Miley's home in North Hollywood where they were able to run off with the "Wrecking Ball" singer's jewelry as well as her white, 2014 Maserati Quattroporte which reportedly costs over $100,000.

The burglary was reported at about 4 pm. on Friday after a call alerted the police to the incident. Surveillance videos showed one male and one female scaling the fence to gain access to Miley's home. Said surveillance video has also led to the recognition of the two suspects.  

21-year-old Naomi Charles, of Los Angeles, and 19-year-old Arizona resident Tylor Scott  were stopped by LAPD officers while they were walking somewhere in North Hollywood yesterday close to a week after the incident took place. Earlier descriptions of the suspects indicated that the police were searching for a white male who was wearing a white t-shirt and skinny jeans. The description came from a witness who saw the man dropping off the Maserati where it was later found. 

No information has so far been found about the missing jewelry but the Maserati has been recovered in Simi Valley, California where it was parked in plain sight out on a street. The car was left abandoned all weekend and was only recovered on Monday. It was later processed for fingerprints.

Miley was away on her "Bangerz" tour when the incident and no one was in her home. The tour takes her to Helskini, Finland and other cities in Denmark, Germany, Spain and more. She will be expected to return to the US sometime in July.

The singer also suffered a previous burglary in November last year when robbers broke into her home a day after her 21st birthday. Over $100,000 worth of jewelry and purses were also reportedly stolen from the singer during the first incident last year. 

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