Two Divers Struggle as Octopus Attempt to Grab Camera [WATCH VIDEO HERE]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/David Malvestuto)

David Malvestuto and Warren Murray are just mere passionate divers until they encounter an octopus that tried a game of tug-of-war just to steal their underwater camera.

The two drivers are certainly the types who can be considered as experienced when it comes to underwater explorations, but it was a shocking surprise to stumble upon an octopus who does not want its pictures to be taken by them.

The two happens to be recording some footage of the 8-foot-long octopus in Bluefish Cove in California when it suddenly triggered a wrestle by grabbing their camera, Independent UK wrote. The attack of the octopus happened 8 feet below sea level.

According to the 56-year-old Mr Murray, he first thought that the octopus was just a huge rock since it blended well with the other rocks underwater making it almost invisible to their sight. He had the camera stretched when the giant octopus suddenly grabbed his camera by wrapping its tentacles around it. Some of its tentacles even reached his arms.

If there was any huge concern that time it that the sea creature could possibly break his fingers, JaxObserver reported. However, when his camera flash went off, the octopus seemingly got startled, gave up on their tug of war game and swam away.

Mr Murray added that they were not too worried about being hurt by it since they are both fully aware that the sea creature is the type that is not interested with people, Daily News added. There was only one thing that was in the minds of both divers, and that is how badly they want to capture it on film.

"I was thinking he would take off as soon as I got close to it. When he wasn't moving, I was excited. I was thinking (about that rule) in the back of my mind. I wanted to capture as many pictures as I could," the professional scuba diver said who is also a photography instructor.

Luckily, the two divers were able to get amazing shots and video capture of the giant octopus encounter. The other diver, the 34-year-old Mr Malvestuto, even captioned his YouTube video with "Pacific Octopus not a fan of being photographed apparently."

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