Two Cheated Lovers Meet at Coachella: Robert Pattinson Runs Into Liberty Ross!

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The "Twilight" star hit singleville after his girlfriend of three years, Kristen Stewart, cheated on him with Director Rupert Sanders. REUTERS

Robert Pattinson went to Coachella Music Festival with his best chum Katy Perry - we are all aware of this exciting news by now. However, there is something more exciting (and awkward too) than this news that happened at Coachella for the "Twilight" actor. No, RPatz did not get re-united with her ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. He actually ran into someone who has something to do with KStew.

Liberty Ross, ex-wife of "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders, was also present at Coachella, E!Online is reporting. The "Twilight" actor came face to face with Ross while he was hanging out with Katy Perry. It was quite an awkward situation for Rob to see someone whose husband had a fling with her ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Though the encounter was very brief, it left both Rob and Ross short of words.

"[They] didn't speak to each other, but both definitely saw each other. [It was] extremely awkward. [But] he was cool, she was cool and they just kept moving along," a source who was present at the Coachella festival told E!Online. 

Both Robert Pattinson and Liberty Ross are the ones who have been cheated upon by their respective partners. The cheating scandal has left both parties without their partners. Ross has ever since separated from her director husband Sanders after he cheated on her with Kristen. Robert Pattinson too has been avoiding KStew ever since she cheated on him.

"Robsten" fans have been quite keen on the reunion of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan as it always happens in the "Twilight" movies. However, real life is definitely different that reel life. Robert Pattinson does not seem to have any intentions of reuniting with Kristen. He has not been spotted with "Camp X-Ray" actress in more than six months now. There was speculation in the media earlier that Rob will forgive Kristen for her cheating scandal and be with her on her 24th birthday on April 9. But Kristen celebrated her birthday alone with her girl pals. The two ex-lovers are not together even at Coachella. Do you think it's finally over between the two?

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