Twitter Photos of a Seniors' Prom on a Fallen Bridge Goes Trending

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Twitter photos of a seniors' prom on a fallen bridge goes trending after it earned over 64,000 favorites and more than 53,000 retweets a few days after it was posted on a social media site.

The first photo showed 22 students enrolled in Pierce High School, Nebraska who are all dressed in dazzling evening gowns and tuxedos. They all lined up for their spring prom photo on a rickety bridge but their overall weight was too much for the bridge to bear. They all end up in the pond about 4 meters deep as seen on the second photo.

Lane Rohrich, owner of the account, put a caption beside the photographs: "Yesterday was our senior prom. We lined up for our pictures on a bridge and it collapsed and we all fell in the creek."

The wooden bridge on the Willow Creek where the photo was taken was part of the picturesque property belonging to Andy White which used to be a bed and breakfast. The property had previously been used for photoshoot with Alisha White, the homeowner's daughter, and her friends.

The group had some of their snapshots in the house and then agreed to have the picture taken on the wobbly bridge instead. The idea proved to be ill-fated as the bridge overturned with a loud thud moments after the photo was taken.

In a KITV report, White who organized the photoshoot said, "One of the welds broke on the backside of a beam." She was primarily concerned about her friends who were momentarily waterlogged before being plucked out from danger.

She said, "Oh my gosh everyone is going to be so mad at me." But then her friends assured her she did not know the bridge would collapse and that it was not her fault.

Apart from the minor scratches and bruises and broken bridge, everybody still have nice things to say about the incident. Good thing, everybody focused on the comical side of before and after shoot.

"Watching the moms jump in to help their girls - some of them before the bridge had even completely turned over - was the funniest thing. The boys were just running for shore," White said.

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