Twitter Insults: Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan vs. Adrien Broner

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All have been said and done with the clamors surrounding the undefeated boxer's next fight. But it is still Floyd Mayweather's decision that really matters in the end. His final say to fight Marcos Maidana instead of Amir Khan on May 3 has launched a full-scale war in social media.

Frankly, there is no question about it, Khan was the most affected by the choice that Mayweather has made. Even before Mayweather revealed his announcement, Khan had been tweeting his frustrations about the entire ordeal that he had to go through to land a fight with Mayweather.

At first, Mayweather, known for his messy social media antics, was indifferent and seemed unconcerned about the whole situation. He wasn't paying any attention to everything that Khan's been tweeting about him. But he responded to one of Khan's statement claiming he opted for Maidana because it was an easy fight for him, adding Khan can earn the fight that he had been dreaming of only if the British boxer beats his friend Adrien Broner.

"Floyd probably wants to take the easy route and he's taken Maidana," Khan told BBC.

"I don't have an easy fight on May 3 so I can't overlook @ChinoMaidana but @AmirKingKhan, if you and @AdrienBroner end up fighting each other on my show and you win (which you won't), I'll fight you," Mayweather tweeted.

"FM is full of sh*t, just like 'my opponent' poll," Khan wrote on Twitter.

As if trading insults with Mayweather is not enough. Khan turned to Broner and dared him for a fight. He wrote, "If @AdrienBroner wants it, let's do it, Maidana knocked him down twice, I'll knock him out." 

"On a serious note, I wouldn't mind beating up Broner, is that what everyone wants, me to put Broner in his place."

Khan continues to trash talk even posting boxing memes that feature him and Broner, and things are heating up because Broner has finally gave in to Khan's outrages.

"Khan aint sh*t," Broner posted on Instagram.

And the trash talk continues. Clearly, talking trash in sports isn't only for fans anymore, but also for athletes themselves. What do you think? Should they all dump the trash talk and just get it on?

According to Showtime Sports Executive Vice President Stephen Ezpinoza as reported by Fight Hype, the fight between Khan and Broner is not likely to happen because the two aren't going to meet in the same weight division. Broner is reportedly going to 140, while Khan is going to 147.

For more of these boxers' taunting and disparaging remarks toward each other, head on to social media.

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