Twitter Gets a Tweak: Strikes Partnership with Billboard, Beats for Music Strategy; Offers Photo Tagging

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A portrait of the Twitter logo in Ventura
A portrait of the Twitter logo in Ventura, California December 21, 2013. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

Social media networks continuously get upgrades. Following Instagram and Pinterest to soon offer digital ads, Facebook allowing post embedding, micro-blogging site Twitter is now creating tweaks on its services to make it more attractive for its subscribers.

In its Web site, Billboard announced today, March 27, 2014 that it will work as Twitter's partner to create "Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts." The chart is reported to be launched in the next few weeks and is meant to track music tweets exchanged by Twitter's 241 million users every day.

In line with the partnership, Twitter and Billboard signed Twitter Amplify which has a goal to help distribute the Billboard's chart aside from its own Web site. Like how Twitter track its trending topics, the music chart will reflect the top music discussed real time in the social media platform. Billboard shares that it will be displayed live in their own Web site and also via their Twitter account.

"The Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts, a natural extension for media brands so in sync in the music space, stands to once again dramatically shape the conversation around the content and the business," said Janice Min, CEO of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media in the Billboard post.

The end of #Music app is the beginning.

Recently, Twitter pulled out its #Music App from the Apple and iTunes store. While some critics consider that it will be the end of Twitter's quest to offer a music related service, the social network is just starting its work. The Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter is in talks with Beats Music and SoundCloud for its new music strategy. The popular music video company Vevo is also included on the list, and will be working with Twitter to offer videos in bite-sized format.

User-centric and relevant improvements in Twitter's platform.

While Facebook is in a shopping spree, purchasing billion-dollar worth applications, drones, and getting into the virtual reality scene, Twitter is taking the music game seriously, looking for collaborations to achieve its goal. Furthermore, the company made a major change in the photos which are shared within its network. On March 26, Twitter announced that the users can upload up to four photos at one time while allowing tagging of up to 10 people.

Twitter is a force in the music scene with 7 musicians on the top 10 list of its mostly followed profiles, and who could ever forget Ellen Degeners' selfie which became the most retweeted photo of all time raking more than 3 million retweets. Considering these data, Twitter platform improvements are making sense.

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