Twitter Followers Celebrate Birthday of the Legend Tupac

  on June 16 2014 5:57 PM

The words, "Happy Birthday to the Legend Tupac" echoed in the social media site, Twitter as of June 16 at 1:00PM. According to Trendinalia USA, 357,107 Twitter followers have seen such words since the first time it mentioned to this day. It was impressive that even to this day, hiphoppers and music lovers still remembered to pay tribute to one of the most influential rapper of all time.

This trending topic competed with hashtags #NBAChamp and #GameOfThronesfinale that were currently making a buzz among sports enthusiasts and geeky fans. What was interesting about this was the legend of the music icon who died in 1996. It suggested that his music lived on and hiphop fans still celebrated his birthday even on Twitter.

Tupac Shakur was known for putting a tied scarf on his head. He had bling bling on his neck and usually performed without his top on, revealing the tattoos printed on his body. His passion for theater and his understanding about Shakespear's works helped him to weave musical pieces such as "Keep Ya Head Up" and "California Love." He was able to catch the essence of hiphop by rapping about the obstacles of African-American people and sticking to their culture. He started in early 90s using his talent in rapping and smooth vocals.

But it was not just Tupac who was able to assemble a devoted group of fans during 90s. Notorious B.I.G. was also famous whose hiphop pieces centered around similar themes. Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. bumped heads and clashed while they competed for fame. Their rivalry grew and their verbal attacks also caused the hiphop fans to be divided until West Coast and East Coast established a feud.

On September 13, 1996, many hiphop lovers found themselves grieving as Tupac passed away due to internal bleeding. He was shot on Sept. 7, by an alleged Compton gang, then delievered to a hospital but eventually succumbed to heavy injury. Naturally, Notorious B.I.G's side was blamed for this but the family of the rapper presented evidence that disproved the allegations against him. Until this day, the incident is still unsolved.

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