Twitter Feud: Drake Bell VS Justin Bieber - Again

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Almost everyone on Twitter knows about Justin Bieber's fans' feud with Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell. It wasn't long ago when Drake Bell decided to pick a fight on the social networking site. Now, Bell has done it once again all thanks to a tweet sent out by MTV News about Bieber's song writing capability. How have "Beliebers" reacted to the tweets?

It's not surprising to read hateful and vengeful tweets aimed against Drake Bell from "Beliebers." Late last year, Drake Bell received tons of death threats on Twitter all thanks to dissing Justin Bieber. While fans of Bell may find his humour and sarcasm incredibly hilarious, fans of Bieber were not the least bit amused.

Some had even gone to the point of tweeting the craziest photos. One fans sent Bell a photo of a large kitchen knife while another imposed that they throw Bell's body in a pit. Drake Bell once again responded to the tweets but this time in a calmer manner.

"I haven't listened to much Justin Bieber but his songs must be full of hate and rage because that's what his believers are filled with," stated Bell.

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, tried to smooth things out between his fans and Drake Bell by tweeting all about his love for the Nickelodeon television show starring Bell.

"Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. Really," stated Bieber.

Obviously, it has been a while since "Beliebers" have been sending vitriolic messages to Drake. Of course, blame it on Drake Bell to start another Twitter feud with "Beliebers." On March 20, MTV News tweeted about Justin Bieber's song entitled, "Never Say Never."

According to the tweet, Bieber's song was originally called "Sexy Together" and had been intended for Travis Garland. The tweet had gone wrong due to Drake Bell who replied to the tweet with the statement as follows.

"@MTVNews @travisgarladn Wait! Are you saying Justin doesn't write his own songs? I'm shocked!!!"

Of course, "Beliebers" once again took the sarcastic tweet as a diss against Bieber. A few fans of the Canadian singer had once again resorted to death threats one of which states, "@DrakeBell I will kill you some day you low life loser... I used to like u."

Justin Bieber hasn't spoken up on Drake's tweet. As for Drake Bell, hopefully the Nickelodeon star finds something else to do with his time than to pick a fight with Justin Bieber's fans - no matter how fun it can be.

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