Twitter & Facebook Netizens React to Tampon Girl Giovanna Plowman [PHOTOS]


The girl who ate her tampon, Giovanna Plowman, sure is getting quite the limelight. Now, it looks like the fame is biting her back hard in the crotch.

Plowman or best known as "The Tampon Girl" has been getting a lot of nasty tweets and Facebook posts. Also, "photoshop savvy" Netizens have spoken up and spread hilarious memes for Giovanna Plowman.

Who could blame Plowman for getting a lot of internet hate? For those who still don't know or heard of "The Tampon Girl", Plowman rose to fame all thanks to her viral video where she had to suck on her own bloody tampon. The said video has caused quite an uproar that even Hollywood celebrities such as Ariana Grande had to speak up on it.

This simple tweet sent out by Grande had her landing in hot water with Plowman. A Twitter fight erupted a few hours after Grande questioned Plowman's sick video of her tampon sucking. While the original tweets by Plowman have been deleted, netizens may read all about the fight here.

Ariana Grande VS Giovanna Plowman may be old news all thanks to the trending hash tag on Twitter, #IReallyDislike. Netizens have gone on to state their dislike for the tampon girl with over a thousand tweets. Twitter isn't the only place where Plowman is getting a lot of hate.

Even Plowman's Facebook account has been under fire from "Tampon Girl" haters. One Facebook account stating to be Giovanna Plowman had even changed her relationship status to married. In this Facebook account, Plowman is married to internet sensation, Dino Bruscia. Bruscia is the New York teen who gained popularity from eating human feces.

Well, that would be one very highly disturbing relationship if it happened to be factual. In other news, Giovanna Plowman's mother has taken over her daughter's Twitter account where she claims Giovanna had taken her life.

"Hello this is Giovanna mom. I'm very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I'm extremely upset with all the hate.." stated Plowman's mom.

It remains unverified if Giovanna Plowman has indeed committed suicide. For one, dead or not, Plowman's haters on Twitter and Facebook continue with internet bullying.

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