Twitter Acquires Mobile Ad Company TapCommerce

By @diplomatist10 on

Social media giant Twitter has announced its acquisition of TapCommerce, an ad-tech startup.

The Twitter business is working around social media and this deal is a shot in the arm. It will also bolster its campaign to build an advanced mobile advertising network that took off in 2014 with its $350 million purchase of MoPub.

Retargeted Ads

TapCommerce helps mobile businesses to retarget its ads based on previous user activity. By way of e-commerce apps, retargeted ads will convince a lapsed user to return after seeing the promotions and new sales. The company was founded by Brian Long and Andrew Jones in 2012.

The technology of TapCommerce gained faster traction. The CEO now promises a smooth transition as the TapCommerce platform is already integrated with MoPub, Twitter's mobile ad exchange.

Engaging Brand Experiences

Cheering the deal were a few analysts who said TapCommerce's focus on creating engaging brand experiences for mobile consumers is in sync with Twitter's product and core values. It seems TapCommerce's technology would offer Twitter a way to improve the mobile app install and engagement ads.


Twitter is euphoric about the acquisition of TapCommerce hoping the acquisition supplements its strategy of gaining an upperhand in mobile marketing with MoPub. A recent earnings report of Twitter also affirmed that 80 percent of its revenue is coming from mobile ads. The social media giant has been doubling advertising in mobile sector.

Twitter also expanded the lead cards and advertising offerings for its advertisers. Clearly, the acquisition is set to boost its revenue stream from mobile ads.

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