'Twitch Plays Pokemon' Update: Moving to 'Pokemon Silver/Gold' and the Helix Fossil Revival

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[UPDATE: Twitch Plays Pokemon may be the start of a new Twitch Plays concept in online gaming: Read here for more.]

"Twitch Plays Pokemon" continues into its 13th day, with live updates stating Red is now going into their seventh hour since stepping into Viridian City, proof that the game will continue until the Elite Four have been beaten and the game meets the end.

But apparently, this may not necessarily be the end of "Twitch Plays Pokemon," as the Twitch channel creator has confirmed that it will be moving to the second generation of the Pokemon game franchise once this is done.

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"I've received a lot of requests to continue with the Pokemon franchise after the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion get defeated, so I'm going to do that," said the person responsible for "Twitch Plays Pokemon" in an interview quoted by Digital Spy. "I'm still deciding which of the generation 2 Pokemon games to go with."

Considering the wide, positive and addicted reception of "Twitch Plays Pokemon" with Red, there's no doubt that there will be quite a lot of support with the future movement to the second generation.

One good question to ask is when Nintendo will take notice of "Twitch Plays Pokemon," and how it can take advantage of this unbelievably addictive phenomenon.

What's Been Happening so Far

Following the massacre during Bloody Sunday, there have only been three cases of released Pokemons, namely Macho Man, Zubat and a, which were released at 11d 10h 25m, 11d 11h 6m and 11d 11h 6m, respectively.

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But an even bigger, celebrated event is the revival of Lord Helix, which happened sometime after the first released Pokemon at 11d 10h 35m. According to Kotaku, which has also been following the progress of "Twitch Plays Pokemon," the Helix Fossil was revived with the use of the Pokemon Lab in Cinnabar Island.

For now, the "Twitch Plays Pokemon" update states that Red seems to be stuck trying to get over the Viridian Ledge. The current goal that Red has is to Defeat Viridian Gym Leader Giovanni, but this may seem like a long way to go before this happens.

Those interested can also check out the live updates for Day 14 here or watch the chaos over at "Twitch Plays Pokemon."

As far as badges are concerned, Red is already up to seven, with the Boulder Badge, Cascade Badge, Thunder Badge, Rainbow Badge, Soul Badge, Marsh Badge and Volcano Badge already in the collection.

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The Pokemon lineup, so far, is pretty good for Red, but it may be a matter of time until chaos ensues once more and a repeat---or worse, an evolution---of the Bloody Sunday occurs. But perhaps, so long as the Omanyte Helix Fossil Lord continues to grant guidance, "Twitch Plays Pokemon" will continue another day.

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