Twitch Plays Pokemon Takes After Flappy Bird with Bird Jesus, A New Inspired Game

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What do you get when you combine an Internet sensation and a mobile app craze? The new Bird Jesus game.

From Go Barcelona Startups SL, Bird Jesus is one of those Flappy Bird follow-ups though this time, it also banks on one of the bigger phenomenon in recent Internet history: Twitch Plays Pokemon.

For those who don't know the history behind Bird Jesus, he is the Pidgeot mascot for the first generation of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Bird Jesus plays a big role in the new religion that the game has founded. According to Joystiq, Bird Jesus is that shining light in the sea of anarchy and chaos, defeating Pokemon after Pokemon, trainer after trainer, and gym leader after another.

Alongside the Helix Fossil, Bird Jesus is one of the more known icons of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and as such, the creator of Bird Jesus for the iOS and Android seems to have hit a pretty good mine, if you go by trends.

The Famous Bird meets the famous social experiment

It's already a given that Flappy Bird has started the tap fever when it comes to games, and the fact that creator Dong Nguyen has pulled the plug on the project at the height of the craze has only gotten more developers to want to ride the trend.

This is the reason why there is an influx of new Flappy Bird clones appearing on Google Play Store and iTunes, in the hopes of bringing back the hype and being the next top-of-mind following Flappy Bird.

But as far as the polished appearance and distinct signature is concerned, Bird Jesus has the potential to be among the better clones out there. Aside from the clean design and various references to Twitch Plays Pokemon, it targets a specific niche of followers of two trends--smart move if you want to separate yourself from all the clones already in the market.

What's more, it does feature another unique aspect, which is the ability to play the Pokemon Zapdos, also featured in Twitch Plays Pokemon. However, according to CNet, this can be done if you can unlock the character following a score of 100.

While this may prove impossible for some, the Pokemon Zapdos can be bought for a price, though it may take a while as the function is currently not available.

You can download the game at either the Google Play Store or iTunes for free. But the price that this may cost is another bought of addiction to a new flying bird, perhaps just when your previous addiction was starting to ebb.

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