'Twitch Plays Pokemon' Players Become PokeMasters, 'Pokemon Crystal' Gaming Begins

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"Twitch Plays Pokemon" has finally reached the conclusion for its first round with "Pokemon Red" over the weekend.

And now that it's over after more than 16 hours of 1 million gamers playing all at the same time with "Twitch Plays Pokemon." Twitch has even documented the victory of the game, courtesy of its newest blog entry.

Apparently, the game was capped off with 122 million chat messages of commands (most of the time contradicting) and the six Pokemons, Bird Jesus, ATV, King Fonz, Air Jordan, Double-A Jay and O Master Helix, were able to defeat the Elite Four.

Even the hiccups---admittedly massive in impact, like the Bloody Sunday and Jay Leno and Abby K---were documented, as the religion of the Helix continued until the last second to victory.

"It's safe to say that Twitch Plays Pokemon has been the biggest cultural phenomenon to strike Twitch all thanks to The Creator and You, our passionate and absolutely preposterous community," said the Twitch Blog.

'Twitch Plays Pokemon Red' in Numbers: One Last Look

Overall, the game invited over 9 million viewers of both democracy and anarchy plays, brought forth life-shaking questions of mythology and politics, and even a petition to make March 1 officially the National Helix Day.

And now, the players are moving up the ladder of Pokemon games, this time aiming to tackle "Pokemon Crystal." The movement in the game, according to GameSpot, is that the starter Pokemon chosen is Totodile, with Democracy being introduced during the first hour of the game. More than 70,000 viewers were already watching at the start of the second round of "Twitch Plays Pokemon."

A new live update has been set for "Pokemon Crystal," beginning with the new character AJDNNWW, dubbed by the Reddit stream as AJ from here on. New instructions on how Democracy mode switches have been stated by the "Twitch Plays Pokemon" live updates administrator:

"Anarchy mode is the 'classic' mode, where everyone's inputs are applied immediately. Democracy mode chooses the most popular input provided during a 30 second voting period. In democracy mode, you can compile a sequence of inputs. Left2 will move left twice, left2down2 will move left twice and down twice. Democracy mode is automatically selected at the start of every hour."

The latest development being that Totodile (LazorGator) has just learned Bite and that Togepi (Sir Omelet) has just learned Metronome. And it seems that the players can't stop catching Pokemon, as a Sentret (ADiiiiihhh), a Caterpie (OXXOZZ or Oxxy Ozworm), a Pidgey (TBD) and a Wooper are already part of the AJ party.

It would be very interesting to see what new religion, massacres, mistakes and hypes this new generation of "Twitch Plays Pokemon" will bring. Those interested can check out the new adventure here or you can read on the live updates here.

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