Twitch Plays Pokemon Day 9 Updates and More Details on Pokemon X and Y Movie [VIDEOS]

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[Check the latest updates for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal here.]

It seems that Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal Generation is a far more peaceful run compared to the anarchic and hilarious happenings that occurred during the first generation with Pokemon Red.

Whether or not this is the new democracy system at play or because the participants have already learned the ropes of how to go about the game, everything is flowing more smoothly for this round.

According to the Twitch Plays Pokemon Live updates, the hero AJ has already achieved eight badges in just six days of its run. These are the Zephyr Badge, the Hive Badge, the Plain Badge, the Fog Badge, the Storm Badge, the Mineral Badge, the Glacier Badge and the Rising Badge in that order.

In addition, of the Pokemons that AJ now owns, only four have been released. Though the release of Togepi a.k.a. Prince Omelette did ruffle a few feathers, what with all the cuteness that it should bring now gone. Apparently, it seems that people were trying to get rid of Gator and instead sacrificed their prince.

Here's a video of Twitch Plays Pokemon during that time. With the prince gone, it seems that any repeat of the Helix Fossil hype for Pokemon Crystal will be gone.

As of this writing, the Reddit live updates for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal reports that two Pokemons have upped in level, RJ the Espeon which is now level 38 and Shuckie the Shuckle is now on level 27. Also, three Pokemons have been caught: an Onix named AAJRR RRR, a Ponyta at level 32 nicknamed AAAAAAAAA and a Doduo with no nickname.

Pokemon X and Y movie gets more information

The Pokemon X and Y movie has been rolling out a lot of updates and artwork, with Serebii, the official source for everything Pokemon, collecting most of the new information.

For those who want to see what has been revealed so far about the game, here are a few new things that you should know about Pokemon XY The Movie: Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie.

Aside from the main plot of the story, which has been earlier revealed to revolve around the Pokemon Diancie as the princess of Diamond Ore Country, new characters will be introduced.

The Rocket Gang will still be there, with the addition of the red-haired thief Marilyn (shown in the artwork with matching costume of Delphox), a Ninja Riot who owns Greninja, and father and son Argos and Milis, the latter of which owns Chesnaught.

Apart from Diancie, the Carbinks also have a substantial role in the Pokemon X and Y movie, considering that four of them--the elder Daii, and butlers Majima, Knight and Joke--have been named. Be sure to check the artwork for the new characters in the link above.

There are also a couple of trailers that have been released, one of which showcases the animated Diancie, a fight scene between the Mega Absol and Mega Schizor, and even Xernias and Yveltal.

Another trailer features a longer footage of Pokemon XY The Movie: Cocoon of Destruction & Diancie. You can see the new antagonists in action for this one.

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