Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal Day 11 Updates and a Look at the Game from the Creator’s POV

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Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal moves on to its 11th day, this time bringing in more progress as the players continue to challenge gym leaders. The most recent success is the defeat of Lt. Surge, according to the Live Reddit updates using Brian, the Pidgeot.

So far, the other gym leaders that AJ the Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal hero has faced includes Will, a Johto Elite Four trailer, Koga, an Elite Four trainer, Bruno, another Elite Four, Karen, a Master Dark-type Elite Four trainer, and Lance, a Pokemon champion. All of the attempts at a face-off resulted with wins and losses, though the wins are pretty overwhelming given the nature of the game.

There are also new additions to the badges, with the Thunder Badge, the Rainbow Badge, and the Marsh Badge. So far, no casualties have been added to the list of released Pokemons afte the release of the four, according to the Google Docs Updates for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal.

How it started and where it's going?

CNet has contacted the anonymous creator of Twitch Plays Pokemon in an attempt to understand the phenomenon and see it from the perspective of the one responsible for it.

According to the interview, the start of Twitch Plays Pokemon was almost a half-hearted code with the only aim of testing to see if this kind of gameplay would be of any interest to gamers. In fact, the creator admitted that there were no expectations of a long-term interest--if anything, it was expected that Twitch Plays Pokemon will only run for a short while until interest dies down.

"I was expecting to shut the stream down within a week or two due to disinterest; inputting button presses into a chat window and waiting to see the effect didn't sound like it would be all that appealing," said the creator of Twitch Plays Pokemon. "I'm not sure how much longer this sort of thing will be relevant, but I'm planning on running my stream for as long as there's still interest."

Since then, the creator has made modifications to the software, with more functionality and improvements included in the game.

The interview also touched on the issue of democracy and anarchy in the game, something that has also become an issue for those who have been playing through the two generations. While there is a continuing debate on which should take precedence and what mode the game should be played, the creator reveals that democracy mode was added as a necessary component for the game.

"I expected a negative reaction; people don't like change. Early on in TPP's life, I realized that the movement was too imprecise for parts of the game to be possible--something needed to be changed."

In addition to the improved democracy mode, it seems that players of Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal have become adept at handling the ropes, at least as far as the creator sees it.

"I think that now that many people in the group are experienced, it will be easier for them to communicate and perform (relatively) complex tasks."

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