Twin iPhone 6 Killers: Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 Prime Tipped for Same Sept 2014 Release Date

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

The iPhone 6 release date is reportedly set for September 2014 but according to new reports, Samsung is pre-empting the giant Apple event with a combo of two flagships early in the month - the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5 Prime.

This scenario emerges as prolific and usually accurate gadget leaker @evleaks shared again to Twitter-verse new device pics that supposedly will be the Galaxy S5 Prime on debut date. Take note that the GS5 Prime is regarded too as the rumoured Galaxy F, which is touted as basically the Galaxy S5 but with more premium specs and finish.

As shown by the images that @evleaks has posted, the Galaxy F or the GS5 Prime merely represents a clone of the regular Galaxy S5 but the former boasts of a metallic casing as indicated by the back cover that shows off a brushed aluminium finish.

According to BGR, @evleaks clarified that the images were not his originally, supplied only by a source that he did not identify. The leaker stressed that the details attached with the pictures are "completely unconfirmed, unverified (and) unsubstantiated."

That the being said, this latest Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime rumour suggests that the device is fired up by a Snapdragon 805 chip with the display measuring 5.3-inch in Quad HD panel technology.

But the most interesting part of the report, BGR noted, is the claim that Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime is programmed to hit the market via Samsung's 2014 Unpacked Episode 2 event. Episode 1, of course, refers to the Galaxy S5 launch March this year.

Now Unpacked 2 in the past three years has been associated with the Galaxy Note phablet series and for 2014, the expectation is it will be for the Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung will stage the occasion coinciding with the Berlin IFA 2014 edition.

Essentially, if the report is true, it negates earlier indications that the GS5 Prime is set for unveiling on June 12. More importantly, the new information carried by @evleaks indicated too that Sammy fans can expect a twin launch come the September Samsung event.

But why the South Korean tech giant would simultaneously issue two premium devices?

The answer points to the iPhone 6 that Apple will reportedly roll out by the third or fourth week of September. And if new reports that the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch phablet-size of the next iPhone is touching down at the same time in the month are true, then this rumoured Samsung move seems to make sense.

To be sure, Samsung would want the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime all settled in on the market prior to the waited arrival of the two iPhone 6 models that analysts said are poised to lure smartphone shoppers with upgraded screen sizes as the highlight features.

That way the two Galaxy phones will be well-equipped to duke it out with the iPhone 6 duo.

Samsung is billing the Galaxy Note 4 as an iPhone 6 killer on release date this 2014 mainly on the following cutting-edge features - curved or bendable display and its mysterious form factor. The same applies to the Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime.

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