Twilight’s Robert Pattinson Tipped as “Next James Bond” by Daniel Craig? [PHOTOS]

Twilight Actor Robert Pattinson has Great Potential as James Bond, Says Bond Himself, Daniel Craig


Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson is seen a great potential for a James Bond film by no other than the “Bond” himself, Daniel Craig.

A source told OK! Magazine, that Craig, who had just recently inked two more Bond films, said that Robert Pattinson “could make a brilliant Bond.” Craig reportedly added that he “would like to see a talented British actor to take on the elusive, yet a very huge role for the box-office hit.

"Rob’s a monumental fan of Daniel’s and told him so, but he was completely taken aback when the compliments were returned," Craig was quoted as saying by the source in an interview ith OK! Magazine, said

The Skyfall star has then been revealed as a great fan of Robert. The report also said that Rob earned Craig’s respect especially the manner by which Rob handled the cheating scandal his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart has embroiled herself into in summer last year.

"Daniel really admires how Robert has handled the intense scrutiny of his personal life - he and Rachel are obsessively private, “ the source said.

He added: "He really felt for Rob when Kristen Stewart’s cheating played out in the media. To go through that, but also maintain a level of professionalism and carry on working, shows amazing strength of character."

Robert Pattinson is currently filming in the West Australian desert for his latest film, “The Rover.” He flew Down Under in late January and started filming on January 31. Joined by Guy Pearce as the lead actors in the drama film, the action-packed project could be a good start and training ground for Robert if he is going to replace Daniel Craig in highly acclaimed film, “James Bond.”

Do you think Robert Pattinson could make a great James Bond?

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