'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson Says 'Spring Breakers' Will Succeed

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With the earlier release of "Spring Breakers" at the Cannes and Venice Film Festival, a lot of fans are dying to see the film. It's no surprise given it's a Harmony Korine-directed film plus fans will finally get to see the goody-two-shoes, Selena Gomez shed her good girl image on screen. With the apparent crazy, it's not surprising that even "Twilight's'" Robert Pattinson agrees the film is set for success.

"Spring Breakers" would strike fans as the typical summer movie filled with bikini-clad babes, drugs and booze on the beach. However, for this particular film directed by Korine, it promises a whole lot more. The film stars former Disney stars, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, "Pretty Little Liar" star, Ashley Benson and Korine's sister, Rachel Korine. Even Oscar nominated actor, James Franco is in the film and critics are saying the film would probably win him the Oscar award - if the film does manage to get noticed by the Academy.

Film critics and celebrities who had the chance of seeing the film earlier at the Venice Film Festival had nothing but great things to say about the Korine-directed film. In fact, one popular actor from the "Twilight" franchise enjoyed the film.

26-year-old English actor, Robert Pattinson, enjoyed the movie and gave his piece about the movie. The "Twilight" actor spoke to Premiere about "Spring Breakers'" director Harmoney Korine.

"Today I feel that the Hollywood industry has only one goal: to force you to make bad movies," said Pattinson, then adding, "The system transforms everything it touches into a disaster. Thank God there is a group of director who resist, they are forced to stand aside. It is a miracle that they can survive. I think of people like Harmony Korine that I think are incredible. He showed me his new film, 'Spring Breakers' this summer and I loved it."

"I do not want to curse, but I think it will be a great success. And I want to work with directors like him, people who spend their lives refusing to accept certain things. If you look closely it is they who have the most enduring careers," further explained Pattinson.

Well, given Pattinson's "critic" about the film, then Harmony Korine would definitely expect a box-office hit by the time "Spring Breakers" hits theatres by next year.

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