'Twilight' Actress Kristen Stewart Explains Thanksgiving In A Hilarious Video By Barely Political [VIDEO]

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and everyone is prepping up for the special holiday.

"Twilight" actress Kristen Stewart seems more excited for the holiday than anyone else. It seems Stewart decided to take time out from her tight schedule and ready to cook a special dinner for Robert Pattinson on Thanksgiving. She recently recorded a new hilarious videos discussing Thanksgiving. The video was titled, "Kristen Stewart explains Thanksgiving" by "Barely Political." It was a hilarious version of the story behind Thanksgiving holiday as explained in Kristen Stewart's style. The video introduction reads: "KStew explains the mysteries of Thanksgiving and the magic of Thanksgivingukkah."

The video was definitely entertaining, filled with K-Stew's antics that were perfected by actress and comedian Laura McDonald. While doing Stewart in this hilarious Thanksgiving video by Barely Political, Laura McDonald tried to look like her and act like her in every possible manner.

She adorned torn jeans, brown jacket and sneakers with straightened-out hair to perfect the usual look of the actress while explaining the story behind Thanksgiving. Although the details were not accurate but the funny video was quite interesting. Watch the video below to hear a new story about Thanksgiving as articulated by Kristen Stewart!

According to the video, Thanksgiving started in 1942 when Christopher Colombo sailed the "ocean blue." While wandering, pilgrims met Indians and both the parties together had a feast for which they didn't even charge and just like "gived" it. And that's how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.

She explained it to be like "speed dating" because they wanted to get to know each other over dinner. That's' how Pocahontas' and Captain John Smith's love story began. Laura/ Kristen Stewart also explained about many Thanksgiving traditions that were born that day such as people getting drunk and arguing about politics on the dinner table.

Since Thanksgiving and Hanukah are on the same day this year, the scared holiday became "Thanksgivingukkah." The kind-hearted Stewart decided to share her insight about, "Thanksgivingukah," too with her fans.

Video "Kristen Stewart Explains Thanksgiving" is one of the many funny videos of Barely Political. It is an entertainment Web site which creates satirical music viral videos usually based on political themes. Barely Politcal has several Web series such as "The Key of Awesome," "Obama Girl," "Barely Air," "Barely Guys" and more.

Video: "Kristen Stewart Explains Thanksgiving"

CREDIT: Youtube.com/ Barely Politcal

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