'Twilight' Actor Taylor Lautner Heads to Television, Lands a Role in BBC Three's Comedy Series 'Cuckoo'

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Fans of actor Taylor Lautner will be able to watch the "Twilight" star in BBC Three's comedy series "Cuckoo." The 22-year-old actor, famously known for portraying wolf character Jacob Black in the "Twilight" movie franchise, has landed a role for the second series of the TV show.

According to the Digital Spy report, BBC Three's comedy series was expected to be finished when actor Andy Samberg exited the show after the receiving success in the Fox sitcom "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." However, casting the "Twilight" actor as the surprise replacement in "Cuckoo" has revived the sitcom that also stars Greg Davies, Helen Baxendale, Tamla Kari and Tyger Drew-Honey.

"Cuckoo" is a comedy series that tells the story of a couple whose daughter returned after a year away with her American husband. The report further noted that the first series of "Cuckoo" garnered a record-breaking launch audience for the television channel as well as two nominations at the British Comedy Awards.

Actor Andy Samberg originally portrayed the unwanted son-in-law named Dale "Cuckoo" Ashbrick and Taylor Lautner will be replacing the actor with a different role. The Just Jared Jr report claims the second series of "Cuckoo" will kick off two years after Mr Samberg's character disappeared and presumed to have died from trekking in the Himalayas.

Cuckoo's wife, Rachel Thompson (Tamla Kari), will be mourning from the loss of her husband but she will find love again with a guy described to be a "nice but dull lawyer." Taylor Lautner enters the picture as the handsome and mysterious stranger in Lichfield that will turn the lives of the Thompson family around.

"Cuckoo was one of BBC Three's most stand out comedies, so I'm delighted to welcome it back with the addition of superstar Taylor Lautner joining the critically acclaimed Greg Davies and an outstanding British comedy cast for what will be one of the comedy treats of the year," declared Zai Bennett, the Controller of BBC Three in a statement released.

Executive producer Ash Atalla of "The Office" and "The IT Crowd" weighed in as well on the return of the comedy series. "Cuckoo is one of my favourite shows I've ever been involved in. We can't wait to come back bigger and better," shared the executive producer.

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