TV Guide Australia: “New Girl” Season 2 Gets Poor Ratings

Jessica Day: What viewers need to know from Season 1

  @jotfields on October 05 2012 1:35 PM

"New Girl" is not drawing much attention against the more popular shows in Australian television. Its one-hour Season 2 premiere lost to the more popular shows "X Factor" and "Big Brother."

New Girl Season 2 airs on Channel 10, under the network's TV fast-track program. The 7.30 pm episode averaged 410,000 viewers nationally, while the 8.00pm episode was seen by 425,000 viewers.

Zooey Deschanel, who leads the New Girl cast, won an Emmy nomination for her role as primary school teacher Jessica Day in the Fox comedy series. (Julia Louis-Dreyfus took home the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for HBO's "Veep.")

New Girl tells the story of four mad crazy roommates in a spacious loft. The pilot episode tells the story of how Jess wound up as the only girl roommate of three equally quirky and hilarious male characters.

New Girl Season 1 Recap: Here are ten of the things you might have missed on the first season of "New Girl" 

10. Jessica Day left her boyfriend of six years when she realized that he had been cheating on her.

9.  Jess thought the apartment ad she read was written by a girl. It was actually crafted by the loft's resident vanity king, Schmidt (Max Greenfield). The roomies share a "douche jar," to which they drop some money when something offensive is said or done. So far, only Schmidt has been filling the jar.

8. Jessica's watched "Dirty Dancing" post break-up for cathartic reasons.

7. Nick (Jake Johnson) is Jess' closest friend in the apartment. Her childhood best friend is Cece (Hannah Simone), a print model. She often visits the loft but not entirely because of her. Cece strongly believes Nick is into Jess.

6. Nick studied law. He quit when he realized he hated lawyers. He's only been tending a bar since the pilot. An ex-boyfriend of Jess has inspired him to "grow up." At the first season finale, Nick almost left the loft to move in with his ex, Caroline (Mary Elizabeth Ellis).

5. Cece and Schmidt officially dated for a while. They later stopped seeing each other because Schmidt thought Cece should "run free."

4. Winston (Lamorne Morris) used to be a basketball player. But life has changed for him, and now he is trying to keep a real job for a change.

3. Jess found out all her roommates had sexual thoughts about her. Disgusted, she tried wearing overalls to discourage the boys. But it didn't work.

2. Jess had two boyfriends in Season 1: Music teacher Paul (Justin Long) and rich guy "fancyman" Russell (Dermot Mulroney).

1. Jess and Nick never dated. Jess does not like the idea, and Nick seems to have too many issues to deal with at the moment.

In New Girl Season 2 premiere, Nick and Jess open up about considering for a moment whether they could be good together. Then they decide to be just friends.

Do you think "New Girl" could get more viewers if it is placed on a better timeslot by Channel Ten?

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