TV Anchor Robbed While Making a Live Report Near Police Headquarters

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A TV reporter got robbed while making a live report near the police headquarters in Oakland. The reporter was covering a story about a spate of car robberies and violent mugging in the area. The reporter is a resident of San Francisco, California.

In a series of tweets, Heather Holmes, a reporter who works for KTVU, expressed shock and outrage over her purse getting stolen. She was covering an incident of a violent mugging of a woman in the area. Her purse was kept in the live truck parked close by.

The thieves were able to get away with her bank cards and other valuables in her purse. Her bank cards were reportedly used 20 minutes after they were stolen. The cards have since been blocked and the thieves will not be able to use them. She has also changed her locks.

According to her Twitter profile Heather Holmes is from Texas and has lived in New York. She currently resides in San Francisco, California and works for KTVU as an anchor.

Heather Holmes said in a tweet that the important lesson learned from this incident is to be mindful of the surroundings. In another tweet she acknowledged that the incident pales in comparison to the woman who was attacked and robbed at the 48 Street and Shattuck. A passerby raised an alarm to scare off the attackers.

According to a tweet by Lt. Chris Bolton of the Oakland Police, they are focused on the recent spate of robberies in the area. The police have asked the help and co-operation of the people in the community to spread awareness and help identify the robbers. According to the official Web site of the Oakland Police, they already arrested two suspects for strong arm robbery. The robbery had taken place in 2000 block of E. 23 Street. The detailed description of the perpetrators is said to have led to the arrest.

In another tweet by Lt. Chris Bolton, an extra unit of the Oakland Police was at the scene of a reported burglary in 48 Street and Shattuck within one minute. The felony car was reportedly stopped nearby. According to Heather Holmes the Oakland Police had agreed to do more patrols in the area after the brutal robbery.

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